New Year, New Goals


Happy New Year everyone from us at W.A.Y.S.! It’s a new year and our program has new goals. We want to be able to get a better transportation system for the program-15-passenger van, more rewards, healthier meals at meetings, more helpful seminars for the kids, more guest speakers, etc.. We cannot do it without your donations. It doesn’t have to be much, just something to show the kids you care. Please contribute to this great program. Please and thank you!


(These were our goals last year. We are still praying for these things)

Pumpkin Patch with the kiddos!

We like having fun at W.A.Y.S. So, all of our time isn’t spent indoors talking. We get out and explore, to see what the city has to offer. We went to Waterman’s Pumpkin Patch and played with goats, took a hayride, picked some pumpkins, ran through a corn maze, drank hot chocolate, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed. We know here at W.A.Y.S. that laughter is good for the soul! Here are a few pictures from our muddy experience!

Wheeler Mission Christmas Party 2017

Our organization has been able to invest a lot of service time to the Wheeler Mission shelter for women and children. This past December we gave them a party to remember. With a meal fit for a king, we were able to serve about 89 women, children, and staff. We had a ugly sweater pageant, karaoke time, crafts, and an awesome dinner! What a blessing they were to us and hopefully we were a blessing to them. Here are some highlights from that evening.

Our 2017 Donor List

We want to give a huge shout out to all the individuals and organizations that have supported our program this year. We could not do it without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Katharina Dulckeit
Vernon Marsh and Barbara Van Vleet
Maliya Washington
Angelica Bonilla
Treay Bonilla
Ronald Bonilla
WAYS Parents
Josie Salinas
Tashanna Sowell
Brittany Lawton
Arthur Adams
Luke Green
Megan Dedeic
Matt Calhoun
Melinda Jameison
Jeffery Dyer
Rhonda Grady
Ivan Vargas
Michael Paulo
Trina Jones
Jay Jackson
Demetrius Smith
Maria Green
Mark Hollomon
Michelle Salinas
Joshua Estrada
Jason Estrada
Dara Gomez
Mavis Washington
Julie Rosetto
Angel Anderson
Corey and Karen Jackson
Michele Patterson
Angie Ennis
Hugh Smith III
Lauren Campbell
David Williams
Belinda DeHorn
Clarice Bailey
Sylvia Spears
Greg and Karen Ennis
Horizon Central Fellowship
Ben and Krista Coleman
Carlita Felder
Latrice Queen
Rosalba White
Chasmine Anderson
LaShauna Moore
Brenda Vega
Jace Hasenour
Daniel Shelton
Susan Ikeda
Larry Kimpel
Ron Jackson
Julie Dart
Paula Calhoun
Sandra Choyce
Tim Ford
Michelle Johnson
Garfield Park NA
Ayinde Brewster
Sandra Queen
Scott Tisby
Ronda Maddox
Catrina Jordan
Celia Choyce
Mary Delach
Dave-from Ace Hardware
Raynell Herring
Rachelle Barrett
Michelle Shafford
Rosalba White
Monica Bickerstaff
Harvey and Cheryl Estrada
Kinaya Foster
Jeaninne Mitchell
Ivan Vargas
Yuvelle McFarland
Kenny Washington
Becky Williams
Janet Kempf Barnaby
Elveida Taylor
Doug and Janet Shelton
Michelle Shaffer
Jasmine Wooden
Adriane Davis
Stormy Royse
Thomas Meade
Bethel AME
Project Love Food Pantry
Marcia Warrington
Anya Williams
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Josephg Gilmore
Darla Rideaux
Carla Cannon
Robyn Stovall
Robin Herring
Earlean Fuller
Dessie Senegal
 Dr. Diane Martin
Debbie Holbert
Ryan Bishop
Emily Sauer Panich
Car Wash Patrons
Michelle Page
Garfield Park Farmers Market
Pete Septoski
Sally Dunn, Lena Dunn, and Denise Parker
Yvette Alexander
Carolyn Bosfield

Atlanta Fun!- Thanks everyone for helping us take this special trip.

The kids involved with the group just had the experience of their lives. Our three day, three night trip was a huge success. We had a very much needed history lesson at The National Center for Civil Rights, visited The World of Coca Cola Museum, did a scavenger hunt throughout the city that allowed us to see several other historical landmarks, Olympic Centennial Park, dinner at The Busy Bee Cafe, and more. We want to thank all our contributors who made this trip possible.

What a Wonderful Past Year We’ve Had

It seems like only yesterday when our group, Why Aren’t You Smiling? began. We began with a group of 16 and now we have grown to a group of 26. The year has been filled with tears, laughter, service to others, fun and games, and now our biggest adventure, Atlanta, Georgia. Yep, we did it! We raised enough money to take a three day, three night, trip to this historical city. We will be visiting National Center for Civil Rights Museum, World of Coca Cola Museum, Olympic Centennial Park, Busy Bee Cafe, and many more historical landmarks. But we could not have gotten there without the support of our friends , families, and community members, that were able to support us with their generous donations. So we are giving a huge shout out to all of you who prayed and supported this opportunity for the kids. Here are a few recaps of the year:

Praise God!

We Need Your Help!

Hello Everyone, we are only $3,700.00 away from reaching our goal for the summertime Atlanta trip. We need your donations today. The trip is only three weeks away! June 23rd-26th, 2017. It does not matter the amount you donate, we appreciate anything you have to give. Thank you so much!


The kids have been having an amazing time with the Gospel Martial Arts Union. The donations given by our supporters allow the children to have instruction once per week at no cost to the child. Not only are they learning the art of boxing, they are learning self-control, discipline, and biblical principles. Please continue to support with your donations so that this program can continue.


Boxing with W.A.Y.S.

We have now added boxing to our Harakati component. The classes are a part of Gospel Martial Arts Union or GMAU. The classes help with not only the physical aspect of the participant but the mental and spiritual as well. Both boys and girls, ages 13 and up can be a part of the boxing program under the tutelage of Coach Tumeti. Classes are held every Thursday for one and a half hours. These are your donation dollars at work once again. Thank you!

Volunteer Day-Clean-up at Horizon Central

We have a new volunteer opportunity that we are very excited about at W.A.Y.S. Our meeting location, Horizon Central on the south side, was in need of additional people to help keep the building clean and ready for church services on Sundays. My kids were happy to give back to Horizon, by spending Saturday morning cleaning up. And what a thorough job of cleaning the kids did! We are so proud of the children at W.A.Y.S.  There are never any complaints! Go W.A.Y.S.!